Frequently asked questions

What’s the Suo Method?

The Suo Method is based on three fundamental pillars: Immersion, Socialization and Learning. Students have group lessons of no more than 6 people and they are also in touch with their Suo-Friends all the time through activities and socialization on our private social media group.

What do you learn at Suo-English?

SuoEnglish develops all the skills needed to communicate naturally in the English language. These skills include lots of speaking activities, reading, listening, writing, grammar and vocabulary. SuoTeachers are experienced and motivated teachers who live in English speaking countries.

What do I need to join the Suo classes?

You just need a reliable connection to the Internet, a quiet place to connect and ZOOM (free video conference app). Instructions on “How to Connect” are provided on email when you sign up for your first lesson.

What kind of classes and activities will I have?

You will take live lessons with the same small group of students and teacher twice a week (Suo-Classes) and extra activities (Suo-Activities) the other days of the week so you can practice every day. You will also Interact with your group of Suo-Friends on our private social media group at any time.

What is the difference between Suo-Classes and Suo-Activities?

You will have Suo-Classes with your group twice a week. During your Suo-Classes you will interact with your teacher and the other students practicing conversation. You will also learn grammar, vocabulary, writing, reading strategies and other academic skills. Your teacher will give you feedback and solve any questions you have. Suo-Activities are activities to keep practicing and socializing after your Suo-Classes. You can sign up for the Suo-Activities in the Activities section and get ready to meet more Suo-Friends from around the world. You will also have access to exclusive activities in our social media group.

How do I book my Suo-Casses and Suo-Activities?

You just need to choose the days and times for your Suo-Classes and book them once. Your Suo-Classes will be at the same time and days every week. You can book the Suo-Activities in the Activities section every week. For the activities on our social media group you don’t need to book.

Why is Suo English different to the rest of the online platforms to learn English?

There are many differences between Suo English and the rest of the online platforms and English courses. Some of the most important ones are: * We accompany the students in their journey by providing the same teacher and group of students (Suo-Friends) to socialize and create a community in which everyone helps each other. *We provide and encourage social interaction outside the classroom. Learning a language is not only about having a couple of lessons a week. We offer interaction in English with students around the world every day of the week. *Our qualified teachers know other languages. That means they understand what learning a different language is like. Most of the platforms offer native speakers who have no experience learning a different language. At Suo-English, teaching English is about empathy and understanding. *Suo-Friends can always connect on social media and interact with each other.